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One of the central purposes of this blog, and in particular this page, is to explore the exciting things Jesus says about money in the New Testament.

Some Bible scholars might rightly say, referring to John 1:1-14, that Jesus inspired through man the entire Bible; both Old and New Testaments, so exploring all Biblical verses relating to money is fine. To that I would agree 100%, however it seems as if much of discussion around money refers to Old Testament verses. That may be in part because there are more verses in the OT. Jesus’ life and teachings exemplified a radical lifestyle.

So what is so radical about Jesus’ teachings and lifestyle? It comprises of not only stewardship, wisdom and obedience, but selflessness, grace, mercy, justice, empowered Holy Spirit living, healing, and Kingdom oriented vision. It is these themes and more that this aspires to explore.

Starting August 6th, 2012, I began a chronological examination of each of the four Gospel’s verses that involves money and stewardship. I’ll try to add to this each week, as part of a weekly financial devotional. Subscribe to my blog, in the left column to receive them emailed as soon as they are posted.

  1. Treasures of Generosity to God, and God Providing, Matthew 2:1-12, Mark 1:12
  2. Bread and Money, Matthew 4:1 – 4, Mark 1:12, Luke 4:1-8
  3. Does Jesus Favor the Poor, Matthew 5:2 – 15, Luke 4:18
  4. Reconciliation Makes Financial Sense, Matthew 5:23-26
  5. If someone sues you, Matthew 5:40
  6. If someone wants to borrow from you, Matthew 5:42
  7. Giving With Pure Hearts to the Needy, Matthew 6:1-3
  8. The Lord’s Prayer about Money, Matthew 6:9-14, Luke 11:2-4
  9. The New Economy, Matthew 6:19-34, Luke 12:22-34
  10. You can’t serve God and Money, Matthew 6:24, Luke 16:13
  11. He intensely knows and cares about all of our needs, Matthew 6:28-32
  12. Not Judging Other’s Finances, Matthew 7:1-5
  13. God is the Center of Our Stewardship, Ask, seek and knock, Matthew 7:7-11
  14. Key to receiving help is helping others, Matthew 7:7-12
  15. Jesus and Financial Abusers, Matthew 9:9-13, Mark 2:13-17
  16. Jesus Ordains and Provides, Matthew 10:9-10, Mark 6:8
  17. We are highly valued by our creator, much more than things purchased, Matthew 10:29-31
  18. Good news is preached to the poor, Matthew 11:5
  19. Jesus in the Marketplace, Matthew 11:16-17, Matthew 20:1-7, Mark 6:56, John 2:13-16
  20. His yoke is easy, and burden is light, Matthew 11:28-30
  21. Worries nor riches, Matthew 13:3-23, Mark 4:3-20. Luke 8:4-15
  22. The Deal of a Lifetime, Matthew 13:44-46
  23. The temple tax, coin in the fish’s mouth, Matthew 17:24-27
  24. The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant owing 10,000 bags of gold, Matthew 18:21-35
  25. The Rich and the Kingdom of God, Matthew 19:16-24, Mark 10:17 – 27, Luke 18:17-25
  26. Greed, Jesus clearing the temple courts, Matthew 21:12,13, 22:25, Mark 11:15-17
  27. We are obliged to pay taxes we owe, Matthew 22:17-19, Mark 12:13-17, Luke 20:21-25
  28. Tithe, Matthew 23:23-25, Luke 11:42
  29. Give but neglect justice, mercy and faithfulness, Matthew 23:23
  30. Greed and self indulgence, Matthew 23:25
  31. Building tombs and decorate graves, Matthew 23:29
  32. The Eternal Significance of Good Stewards, Matthew 25:14-28 and Luke 19:12-27
  33. Financial Acts of Righteousness, Matthew 25:31-46
  34. Where are our hearts? Jesus anointing, Matthew 26:6-13, Mark 14:3-9, Luke 7:36-48, John 12:1-8,  some may be a different incidents
  35. Betraying What We Know, for What We Want. Judas betraying Jesus for 30 silver coins, Matthew 26:14- 16.
  36. Does Jesus Want Us to Buy Guns? Matthew 26:52
  37. Financial Miracles and Prayer, Jesus dividing fishes and loaves, Mark 6:35-44, 8:1-8
  38. Not being obedient to God in finances to help poor (0r profiting from them), because the were already legalistically committed to holy practices (corban), Mark 7:27
  39. Jesus’ warning about yeast of the Pharisees and Herod, greed and legalism in personal finances, Mark 8:14-15
  40. Is self-denial part of Christian Stewardship? Taking up one’s cross, Mark 8:34-38
  41. Rich young ruler, Mark 10:17-27
  42. Giving up things to follow Christ, and the reward, Mark 10:28-30
  43. Paying Taxes Cheerfully, give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, Mark 12:13-17, Matthew 22:17-19
  44. Religious leaders devouring widow’s houses, and the poor widow’s offering, Mark 12:38-44
  45. Getting Jesus’ Approval for the Things We Do, Mark 13:1-2
  46. In end times, not returning home for possessions, Mark 13:14-16
  47. Dealing with Financial Sins, Mark 14:38
  48. Jesus Died in Poverty, Mathew 27:35, Matthew 27:57-60, Mark 15:24, Mark 15:46, Luke 23:24, Luke 23:53, John 19:23-24, John 19:40-41
  49. Proclaiming good news to the poor, and warning the rich, Luke 1:53, Luke 4:16-21, Luke 16:19-25,  Matthew 19:27-30
  50. The eternal significance of sharing your possessions, Luke 3:7-11
  51. Not to collect more than is required, and be content with your pay, Luke 3:13-14
  52. Jesus and Small Business Owners, Luke 5:1-11
  53. Forgiving debt, Luke 7:41-43
  54. The cost of following Jesus, Matthew 8:18-22, Luke 9:57-62
  55. Believing God and helping others, the parable of the good Samaritan, Luke 10:25-37
  56. The greatest commandments and money, Luke 10:25-28 and Matthew 22:36-40
  57. Martha Stewart-Like Unholy Living, Luke 10:38-42
  58. Strong man guarding his possessions, Luke 11:21-22
  59. Jesus and the Pharisees, Giving to the Poor and Clean Hearts, Luke 11:37-40
  60. Ground level social justice, Luke 11:46.
  61. Jesus discussing retirement and inheritance, Luke 12:13-21
  62. Not worrying about having enough materials things, Matthew 6:19-34, Luke 12:22-34
  63. A ‘Both And’ Approach to Money and Possessions, Luke 12:35-48
  64. Not work on the Sabbath? Luke 13:10-17
  65. Jesus On Financial Humility and Blessing the Poor, Luke 14:7-14
  66. Procrastinating on doing the Lord’s work, while pursuing money and possessions, Luke 14:15-23
  67. What is The Greatest Obstacle to Good Finances? Luke 14: 25-35
  68. Financial Teachings in the Parable of the Prodigal Son, Luke 15:11-32
  69. Parable of the Shrewd Manager, Luke 16: 1-9
  70. Jesus and Financial Integrity, Luke 16:10-13, trusted with little/much, and serving two masters
  71. The Rich Man and Lazarus, Luke 16:19-31, the linkeage of wealth and salvation
  72. The Right Attitude About Work: Servantude, Luke 17:5-10
  73. The 2nd Coming of Christ and Money, Luke 17:28-35
  74. How to Pray About Money, Luke 18:1-8
  75. Money, Eternity and Childlike-Faith, Luke 18:17
  76. Zacchaeus Walk with Jesus, from Greed to Purity, Luke 19: 8-9
  77. The Joy of Hard Work, Luke 19:12 – 27
  78. Jesus Loves Business, but…. Luke 19:45-46
  79. Jesus and the Famous Poor Widow, Luke 21:1-4
  80. Jesus, Temporary Stuff and Heart Matters, Luke 21:5-6
  81. Giving thanks is at the core of stewardship, Luke 22:14-19
  82. Jesus talking about your greatness, Luke 22:24-30
  83. Does everyone have a sense of entitlement? Luke 22:35-38

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