October 2014

What does it mean to ‘Give Thanks’ and why is this important to stewardship? This week’s money and stewardship devotional from the four Gospels* is from Luke. In Luke 22:14 – 19, when  Jesus served the wine and broke the bread, and gave thanks. When the hour came, Jesus and his apostles reclined at the table. […]

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Life can be interesting for many of us. It seems as if only a small percentage of people work for the same company until retirement, and then are set financially for the last chapter of life, living on a good company sponsored retirement plan. While many others of us, our careers and life is more like […]


A few months ago, I asked people to email me testimonies about how God blessed them, or blessed others through them. Here is a great story, of something that happened during just a normal activity of life. I have been so blessed by God throughout my whole life, it  would take a book to tell […]