October 2013

This series of several articles will feature ways to save money in every room of the house. From the basement to the attic, including the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, closets and garage. Sometimes money savings articles can be hard to follow, because they connect various areas of life, but for those of us that are […]


I am not an expert in the extensive and important subject of worship; however I do think that most of us have a limited scope of this topic and we neglect to consider the role of money in worship.  Is worshiping something we do when we go to our place of faith once a week, […]

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This is just a quick post, to give you a few ideas for cutting your grocery budget in half.  This is definitly interesting to a lot of people since food costs can easily be 25% of people’s budget, if they are in the low to moderate income brackets. Wisdom, work, and good ideas are certainly […]